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Reasons Why Floorboards Are Perfect For Your HomeIf you're building a new home or renovating your current place you will have many, many decisions to make across the course of your building works. Where should the plumbing go? What colours should the walls be? Where should the lighting fixtures be? How many power points do I really need? And - one of the biggies (!) - what am I going to do with the floors?

It may be tempting to leave your floor as a concrete slab because you're sick of making house decisions, but here's why you should go with floorboards instead.

1. They're easy to clean

One of the best features about floorboards is they're just so darn easy to clean! If you have pets or children, or you're just a bit clumsy yourself, then you will know how many spills happen on a daily basis on all surfaces - benchtops, floors, and even walls! With floorboards, you simply wipe clean and you're ready to go again.

2. They're classic and classy

Ever wondered why all the nicest houses you walk through all

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Maximize the Limited Home SpaceMaking more room on limited space is a challenge worth taking. The size of houses, apartments, and condominiums these days are a lot smaller than what they were twenty years ago. The reason for this is that land is a limited resource and the acquisition cost of it has increased dramatically in the last twenty five years. In fact, some countries have reclaimed land from the sea just to meet the housing demand of a population that has increased somewhat. The end trend might be for these countries that are land-challenged is to have high rise buildings with high density living with apartment cuts that may reach the 100 to 200 square metres maximum.

Given that consideration, those with existing homes and houses should be lucky to have such property and in that situation, the need for maximizing space should be a priority for those home owners. Cross utilization of some areas of the house must be maximized. For example, converting your garage into an extra guest room or office space can be done by insulating the area. Having insulated garage doors helps keep the

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Simple and Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Storage SpaceModern home concepts are more geared towards practicality especially in terms of space consumption in the house. It is very salient to know simple and creative ways on which you can save a significant amount of your home space. Aside from functionality and more opportunities to use extra and available venues in the house, a spacious home is also characterized with outstanding aesthetic value.

First thing to do in order to maximize the storage space in your house is to get rid of all the clutters and other bulky items you store. Make an inventory and check all the things that are inside your storage area to determine which stays and which must be discarded. Most home owners commit a grave mistake in terms of home storage especially in hoarding items which are no longer of use to them.

Keeping things you no longer need only adds up to the crowded storage area and are venues where dusts and dirt may accumulate. Aside from its hygienic implications, heaps and piles of unused and bulky boxes in your

You may not realize how much of a difference a particular type of flooring makes in a house or even just a room. Different types of flooring's impact the look and feel of a room. If you are new to this process of choosing and buying flooring, then you may need a few tips. Home stores offer umpteen flooring options, which may confuse a first-time buyer. But you just need to have a clear mind and know what you want.

First of all, you need to decide on your living room. For this area you can choose between hardwood flooring or carpeting. This decision will depend upon the kind of traffic in your living room and whether you have pets and kids. Choose the one which is suited more to your daily routine and depending on the maintenance that each one needs. The color and design of the floor should depend on the interior colors of the room. It is advisable to choose a more neutral palette so that it blends in easily even if you want a change the paint, furniture or drapes.

If you want a more cost-effective option, then you could even go

The trend in many situations is to break away from excessive artificiality and seek refuge in the timeless world of nature. Some would like to breathe in unison with traditions and find peace of mind with what the forefathers practiced. Though the products of industry, tile wood flooring reproduces authentic looking wood patterns set in the durability of porcelain. We know it is not wood all right yet we appreciate the artistry and technology. Your favorite shades and textures of natural wood are brought to life to adorn living or working spaces till they become united with your consciousness, a part of the soul. Teak and mahogany, oak and rosewood, they all have clever imitators almost as good as the real thing.

Some obvious advantages favor the porcelain tile over wood. Tiles would survive very well in the wettest areas that would quickly erode wood surfaces. Kitchen and bathroom surfaces would gladly flourish with all those dream wood designs that highlight perfect, precise detail and shades that appear to be superior to real wood. Art is often greater than reality.

Wonder technology has enabled a world of mesmeric wood designs on custom tiles. Large sizes are

Many homeowners choose porcelain tile for the home due to its combination of beauty and durability. Colors and patterns can match virtually any color scheme and decorating style. Maintaining and cleaning this material is straightforward. With minimal effort, it should be possible to keep flooring, countertops, or backsplashes beautiful for many years.


To keep tile pristine, apply a pH-balanced cleanser. Spray the product over the surfaces daily or as necessary to remove dirt and stains. Sometimes deeper stains will occur. To battle these issues, apply an acidic product to the surface. Greasy stains that often happen in the kitchen may demand an alkaline cleanser with special formulations to clean porcelain tile. Never allow any chemical to dry on the surface. Always rinse away a cleanser promptly after applying it. Hard water spots might lead to mineral build-up. Use a squeegee to remove excess water and prevent water spots.

Products to Avoid

Some products contain chemicals that would harm surfaces. Never use products that contain dyes, ammonia, chlorine bleach, or abrasive properties, because permanent staining and discoloration could occur. The abrasives may also scratch and etch the surface. Never use scouring pads or steel

If you're undecided about what type of flooring to install in your home, explore the many benefits of carpet to see how this option under your feet will do more than just please the eye.

* When you have warm and toasty fibers underneath your feet, your entire room will feel and stay warmer. Carpet adds thermal resistance to a room. This means that when it's cold outside, covering the floor with fibers will help keep the temperatures higher for longer. Bottom line - your furnace won't need to work as hard and as often.

* You may notice people staying longer and feeling more comfortable since carpeting can be more pleasant than sitting on hardwood flooring or tile. Many people find it more appealing to have fibers underfoot instead of bare flooring, too.

* The options in designs and colors are astounding. The days of boring monotones and unimaginative hues are long gone. You can find carpet in virtually any color and shade, with beautiful designs available, too. Don't forget to explore the many different textures on hand for selection. Whether you opt for a neutral palette or something bolder, the flooring style you

Rubber flooring is not only environmentally friendly, it also comes in a variety of colours and patterns to choose from. For it to last for a long time you need to take good care of it. Here are tips on how to take good care of it:

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning eliminates dirt on the floor. It also gives the floor a great looking shine. You should clean the floor depending on the type of rubber floor and the amount of traffic that you have. If you have rolled sheets, you should clean them daily if you are a business and weekly if you are homeowner.

You should start by vacuuming the surface in order to remove dirt and debris. You should them mop the surface. When mopping, you should avoid pouring a lot of water and cleaner in order to make your work easy. You should protect the surface from erosion by avoiding harsh chemicals, acids and solvents.

If you have installed rubber tiles in your property, you should start the cleaning process by vacuuming. Instead of mopping, you should clean the tiles by hand. As rule of thumb you should never use a

Doing a quick Google search on "how to choose the right floor tiles" produces a huge number of articles from a diverse range of sources, the problem is that most of these blog posts and articles are written by tile retailers or manufacturers and usually focus on the visual aspect (color or shape) or wear characteristics like hardness.

What I want to do now is turn the world upside down and deal with "real" issues we across every day when trying to stop people slipping over and injuring themselves on tiles that were chosen for aesthetics without due consideration of practicality.

One of the most common inquiries we get is the "post slip fall phone call" where a family member or visitor has taken a nasty fall on the tiled floor in the kitchen, family room or bathroom and they would really like us to reduce slip fall risk. After asking a few basic questions it almost always surfaces that the owner of the property was aware that the tiles were slippery from the day of installation but by always being careful and keeping the surface dry and contamination free they had avoided this accident up

When a floor has reached the end of its life and cleaning it no longer enhances it, it may be time to consider replacing it. Whether you are looking to repair the worn wood in your entryway, replace wall-to-wall carpeting, or place ceramic tiles in your kitchen, you may be contemplating saving money by undertaking a flooring installation yourself. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to DIY or hire a professional for your project.


Money tends to be the driving factor in home improvement projects. Assuming you can save money by tackling the project yourself depends on things such as your skill level and availability. It is important to list out all costs for your flooring installation project before taking action so that you are aware of what lies ahead of you. Compare the costs for a DIY to the costs of hiring a professional.

DIY costs:

- Flooring materials
- Equipment for removal of old material and placement of new materials
- Tools and supplies (i.e. grout, stain, sealer, nail guns)
- Repairs for mistakes made

Professional costs:

- Preparation and installation labor fees
- All materials

Treat home spaces to a few quick and affordable updates. Take a look at the floor, windows and walls. Start a new space or makeover by sorting, tossing and organizing the furniture items in a room space. Then pare down a room until what you have is a blank canvas. Hold onto usable items. Now you can see, imagine or envision a look for your room. Zoom into the key of a new look which is function and style. Enhance your space with a touch of elegance through fabric, color, furniture and the layout of the room. Tie in finishing touches. Bring in upholstery pieces and accent furniture in a contemporary or classic style.

For tasteful personal style, shop for furnishings that have elegant touches and appealing decorative storage options. Once you begin a clean house decorating project, you will forget about what was once a mass of disorder, malfunctioning, and unworkable space. For home spaces that are due for a major re-do, a clean sweep will help you find your way to a casual elegance style that transforms you.

Decorative Changes That Get Personal

Ready to rock and not wreck your home design? Let

Kitchen and bathroom renovation in lieu of more expensive complete home renovation is in vogue amongst homeowners. This is not only because of the cost factor but also because these small projects take less time and do not disrupt your routine life. Bathroom renovation can add a touch of modern home décor to your home interiors and also add to its market value.

Hire a bathroom renovation contractor for best bathroom remodeling results. The contractor will suggest and with your approval implement the new floor plan and décor theme for the bathroom. Your bathroom renovation can be as simple as just plumbing repairs and as elaborate as complete bathroom revamping. In any case hiring a contractor lessens your hassles.

Bathroom renovation makes sense especially for those who like to keep abreast with the changing home interiors trends. It can really adds to the value of your bathroom and house. These days people like to have two sinks in the bathroom to completely separate the toilet from the bath area. Also, in the bath area the showers are fast being replaced with bathtubs that double up as shower. These pronounced bathroom renovations enhance the functionality of the

No matter what our age is, we all need some home space of our own. The argument could be made that children have the bedrooms to play in and that should be sufficient. This is not always the ideal scenario especially if the child is sharing a room with one of their siblings.

Ideally, if they can have a playroom this works perfectly as providing home space. Where the problem may arise if its needs to be for several children and they are all at different age levels. What you may want to do is take a room and section it off into different areas for each child so that each child has a space within the room that is theirs and they must keep in clean. This really helps with the "I didn't make the mess" argument.

There does not have to be walls dividing the sections as the divisions can consist of marked off areas on the floor or even room dividers. You could butt toy boxes against each other for barriers or any other innovative methods that you can come up with.

First, of course, the top most priority will be the

It pays to be a minimalist, especially if you work in your own home. More often than not, a home office is normally allotted with a limited size. Apart from that, the small space allotted for a home space is often taken by storage cabinets and other office furniture. As a result, your office can get crowded. In case your office also appears to be so crowded no matter how you organize your things, maybe you need a little make-over to maximize your office space at home.

Provide enough space in your home office and enjoy great air to breathe while you work. To do that, you can perform the following suggestions stated below:

1. Downsize. Large furniture will definitely consume a lot of space in your office. So if you have several bulky furniture items in it, you can decide to get rid of them and replace them with right size furniture that will still serve the same function. Make sure that this will not also take up so much space.

2. Keep what are only necessary. After some time, your work space will accumulate numerous files and folders. To prevent the flooding of

You are required to know which appearance and version of your sofa you want to buy. There are a lot of infrequent kinds of couch skirts that sell in the online market or convenient shop. The three most shared styles are kick pleat, box pleat, and dressmaker. You are able to get this knowledge in relation to couch skirt from Furniture Company. Once you realize your skirt kind you can select what material you require your couch made from.

Small sectional sofas cover two types. A closed couch and an opened chaise end. The opened chaise end couch is a tad larger than the couch end sectional. An alternative related selection as well arrives from the floating chaise end couch. This style of sofa gives you new luxury and freedom to shift and relax your leg to whichever point you wish for.

Now you have a first point for the scale of a sofa. An initial point for a small dimension small sectional sofa set is 120 - 126" wide. The stopping point is barely the size that you wouldn't choose to go past for risk of the sectional sofa being very big.

Regular plan

The traditional kind of staircase really does take up an inordinate amount of space that, in a small home really isn't available. Most people just put up with what they have, decorate the staircase and find the best use they can for the under-stairs' area. However, if you are in the market for a new staircase, there is quite an extensive range of home space saving staircases on the market. The cheapest on the market - and also the smallest - is the Karina model which combines either a light or a dark beech wood used for the treads with one of three other colors. As well as being the smallest on the market the Karina is narrow enough to be used as a loft ladder replacement or in other spaces that are too narrow for other, more conventional staircases.

As so many of the modern properties being built nowadays are smaller than their earlier counterparts, manufacturers are now making staircases in a range of sizes. Nowadays, you can obtain bespoke architectural solid wooden stairs in both contemporary designs and to fit a range of requirements; you can get traditional staircases, modern sweeping aluminum curves and modular

The cost of homes continue to rise each year so there is no question as to how important floor space is. People want to get more out of their investments as their families continue to grow, hence, you need to learn how to utilize floor space in your home.

Space-saving Techniques

Many interior design plans have long incorporated space-saving techniques especially those for small apartments. These range from smart cupboards to built-in shelving wherever it is possible to fold, tuck or camouflage.

Technological developments have greatly helped in enabling people to work from home with the use of remote connections over internet channels. This further puts a constraint on the ever-shrinking home space.

The first technique that you have to consider is to use dual fold doors. These new designs effectively meet the challenges that modern day apartments pose. The slender designs of glass or aluminum dual fold doors, their flexibility and their unmatched function promotes energy efficiency as well as durability. Such doors are perfect for dining rooms and for indoor spaces that need to be separated from the natural landscapes outside. Many homeowners have chosen to use these doors in their homes

Design your living spaces for relaxing, peaceful style impressions. Choose the elegance and affordable luxury that makes your home look and feel beautiful. Use tons of pillows, modern accent chairs, a decorative chaise and new area rugs to bolster your decorative style.

Keep your eye on contemporary style and easy comfort when decorating your rooms. Fill your rooms with a cozy and decorative tone. Make comfort a special style effect in your home. Whether it is the contrast of light and dark colors in a room or beautiful scenic artwork for your walls-comforting space is a personal element of style.

Focus on the luxury of comfort in your home decorating. Decorate with modern upholstery that has a soft and plush coziness. Dress your living spaces in subtle color tones that soothe and warm your environment with a relaxing energy. Make casual elegance a go-to style to invite a comforting ambiance an everyday event. A mixture of beautiful silk, velvet and satiny materials along with metal, mirror and glass transform a home space into a soft, gentle setting of style.

New Decorating Style

Treat comfort decorating like a new decorative feature. Style your living spaces

Enjoy creative design in your home spaces. Style your home for impact and robust impressions. Whether you do home styling regularly or sporadically, appreciate the refreshing change that comes from a modern home perspective. Dive into home decorating as a fun adventure, an intriguing journey or scheme for modern elegance. Treat your home spaces to everlasting uniformity. This is possible with home accents, colors and furniture that support a stylish theme.

Use time as a key decorating factor. Refine every home space with your special touch over time. Express a keen vision for your room decorating. Coordinate a stylish design based on luxurious, affordable taste. Aim for a personal mission of design inspiration.

Treat home spaces to quality. Reach for decorative accessories as expressions of style. Add the element of class to your home decor with a focus on fine elegance. Dressy, tailored and formal are the decorative approaches to use for classy upholstery, drapery and stylish textures in your room spaces.

Make your home interiors better with accents of color and finishes. Your imaginative touches of home accents create style that is gracious and inviting. Achieve home decorating success based on casual living, modern

Dealing with limitations in home space can be quite a challenging task because it entails being able to manage both traffic flow inside the house and keeping furniture accessibility up. Regardless of how good your planning skills may be, the continuous expansion will eventually, and definitely, result in a situation where you will eventually have inadequate space. In events like these, it is the inevitable and practical conclusion to consider buying a bigger home.

Buying a bigger home means getting more space for you, your family and your things. This means getting a larger living room, maybe adding a foyer, or even getting a huge backyard with enough space for a pool. Regardless of your needs, getting a larger home will be a great lifetime investment. In the greater Los Angeles area, there is a good abundance of property deals that you can take depending on your budget. Trading up in Los Angeles can the one solution you need to take.

One advantage of buying a bigger home is that you get a lot of space. This space is best utilized by purchasing or using furniture that not only consumes a minimal amount of space, but